What is Flavoured Tea

Flavoured Tea Todays craze among young generation is to drink flavoured teas, especially in the United States, has led the major blending companies to create very wide range of flavoured tea varieties. Flavoured teas are also popular in Denmark, France and Germany. Traditionally, jasmine tea is made by exposing green tea (or a light oolong) to fresh jasmine at night when the flowers are most fragrant. They are then separated during the day. This process is repeated several times. This is the one flavored tea in which high qualities of both tea and jasmine are occasionally used to create a wonderful beverage. Other flavored teas are made by adding essential oils (bergamot for Early Grey), herbs, spices, perfumes or even synthetic flavorings. Although the flavoured tea satisfies the consumer to a certain extent, it is, however, yet to be established.