What you can expect from us

We have different ways of operating and dealings with clients. Client can expect some or all of the following from us:

  1. A written list of services
  2. To be up to date with the latest information and technology
  3. To let you know what is new
  4. Proactivity
  5. Objective and independent advice
  6. A written contract of what will be done and how much it will cost
  7. convening meeting/workshop etc. if needed.

How We work with You

We can add significant value to your decision-making process. Our role may vary from being a sounding board to being the actual decision-maker. It is up to you what role you would like to take.

We worked with clients to:

  1. Provide advice and it is up to the client to act on it
  2. Be a sounding board for the client
  3. Make the decision for the client
  4. Engage in on-going dialogue until a mutual agreement is reached
  5. Undertake a technical service as requested by the client
  6. Keep records for clients of chemical application and paddock data for clients
  7. Act as mediator and honest broker
  8. Be the eyes and ears for clients and look for new information
  9. Facilitate family discussions
  10. Arrange sales
  11. Provide education opportunities
  12. Run farms for absentee owners

What WE expect from You

A key issue is how to make the most use of Our time. We expect certain things from you to make sure that our skills are effectively used

  1. Be clear about what you want from a US
  2. Be clear about the strategic direction of your own property
  3. Be easily contactable
  4. Be challenging i.e. challenge the consultant about what s/he knows and to be willing to try something different
  5. Be inquisitive and willing to engage in dialogue
  6. Be interested enough in the business to get out in the paddock with the consultant
  7. Be engaged in joint decision making

Other traits that we hope to see in you are:

  1. The ability to work to time schedules
  2. Accepting that you own the business and We only gives advice
  3. Providing feedback to US to gauge the progress of advice and the relationship
  4. Honesty, trusting and accepting that both you and we ant are in for the long haul
  5. Interest in maintaining a consultant in your geographical area
  6. Open mindedness, making a decision and taking action
  7. Seeking information widely from other sources as well

Before You get the most from US

For you to get the most benefit from US there are a number of preparations and activities that will help Us. These include:

  1. Be organised and prepared for meetings
  2. Be prepared to challenge and question the advice given
  3. Provide as much farm/business data as possible
  4. Be prepared to try it out/take action
  5. Review the relationship regularly, check progress and follow up
  6. Be honest, open and frank and understand information is strictly confidential
  7. Take all technical data and advice and add it to your farm knowledge
  8. Engage in planning and record keeping to an extent that allows better measurement of farm performance
  9. Look at recommendations on a whole farm level (business planning work)
  10. Use US for technical input and use retailers for pricing product (agronomy)

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