Why hire our Service

Service commentsThe chief value in engaging us is the individual, professional and independent assistance in an enterprise�s decision-making process. Small decisions can make significant differences to the returns and having another professional and informed person providing input can make a big difference.

Producers/Clients are often prepared to pay a lot for the right equipment, more land or stock etc � but may baulk at the professional costs of using a consultant. However, the potential pay-off can be quite significant.

Case study producers indicated that Our Client Use consultancy because:

  • We had already provided a service in another capacity such as facilitator or government agent and that service was seen as useful and clients wanted to continue with it and were now prepared to pay for it.
  • Producers/Clients value independent advice.
  • It has always been part of the way the family does business.
  • The producer/clients was wanting to expand and diversify the business to what was feasible and needed advice.
  • Producers/Clients wanted �peace of mind� and knowing that there was someone knowledgeable helping them look after the enterprise brought that about
  • Producers/Clients wanted someone to help them make the management decisions such as crop rotation and a cropping program. They mentioned that it was good to throw ideas around with Us
  • There was strong advice to do so from the bank manager or accountant
  • We were able to stand back and look at the business (and ask the hard questions).


  1. we are adaptable
  2. we are knowledgeable
  3. Had have an established reputation
  4. we are independent of government or product
  5. You(client) gets on well with
  6. You(client) can build up relationship with
  7. we have good networks and keeps up to date

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