How To Pay Us

Payment Us

We offers you a host of convenient payment options to choose from with NAME, PHONE & LOCATION

You can pay through your:

  • Bank Draft
  • Online Transfer (For All Countries)
  • Cash Deposit

In case you are a resident of India, You can make payment in any of the following ways.

  • Cash Deposit. In case you are doing a Bank Deposit into our Account, you can deposit the amount to our bank account. Please note that an additional charges will be applicable for Cash Deposits done over the counter. For bank details contact us at [email protected]
  • Demand Drafts in favour of Nikhil Ghosh Hazra, payable at Kolkata. You can courier the same to our office address.
  • Bank To Bank Online Money Transfer ( NEFT- India Only). In case you are doing a Bank Transfer from your NetBanking Account, you can transfer the amount to our bank accounts. Ask Bank Detaisl at [email protected]

In case you are not a resident of India, You can make payment in any of the following ways.

  • BANK / SWIFT TRANSFER. In case you are doing a Bank Transfer using our SWIFT code of our bank, you can transfer the amount to the our bank account. Please contact us and we will send the details.

Any Further information required for payment option please contact us at [email protected]


  • Online / Phone Technical Support on need.
  • Our guarantee of delivery is 100.00 %.
  • If any Books problem, free replacement will be send.
  • Single PAYMENT for Service(s) & Book(s) Support only.*
  • No DEMO/Trial. Only Full Support after Sale.
  • Changes in process or program may happen & will be intimated.
  • Phone for technical support only. No inquiries on Phone.

How to Pay By Online/Bank to Bank Transfers

World Wide Wire Transfer: You can Pay us by Worldwide Wire Transfer or Wireless Transfer. May be heard about this before. Some of people think this is very hared but which is not. Maybe you are from USA or Canada. Bangkok or Singapore - But if you have your account on a International Bank you can easily doing this Wire Transfer. Your Bank Must be gives you a Online Bank Account Access and Transaction Facility. If not then Ask for Activate it. Now Follow the Steps below.
  • Open Your Bank Account from your PC
  • Go to Fund Transfer / Money Transfer / Send Money or Something Like that.
  • Now Go to Fund Transfer by Swift Code / International Payments or Something where need Swift or IFS Code.
  • Remember Swift Code and IFS Code or IBAN Code Are Same.
  • Now Put our Account Number: (If Ask) Bank Name: . IFS CODE: If Ask then: PAYEE NAME: Nikhil Ghosh Hazra

In between if you have any question or need any help? Please don't hasted to contact us. We have Live support or you can email us any time at [email protected] - We will reply within 24hrs

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