Our Service

Services include:
  1. Crop growing (Growing solutions to any problems, latest growing methods and new technologies)
  2. Farm management, Crop planning, Projects planning (advise provide according to individual requirements)
  3. Assessment of big, medium and small scale farm/ plantation suitability for conversion
  4. Organic conversion planning: Rotation planning
  5. Soil Analysis services � interpretation of soil analysis results from lab determinations
  6. Soil management
  7. Soil conservation methodology
  8. Nutrient budgeting
  9. Manure management planning
  10. Biodynamic preparation and their application
  11. Weed, insect and disease management
  12. Forage Analysis services � interpretation of forage analysis results from lab determinations
  13. Livestock management planning
  14. Advice on organic standards compliance requirements
  15. Marketing & PR support
  16. Processing, manufacturing, packing to meet organic standards.
  17. Scientific support
  18. Promotion of relevant technology and research
  19. Participatory on-farm research trial design/monitoring, to generate farm level information
  20. Food hygiene and safety
  21. HACCP�s
  22. Farmer collective support services � Advice provision to local organic farming groups

Tea and Health: Science behind the Myths.

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Organic Tea: Cultivation and Marketing

Organic Tea: Cultivation and Marketing This book covers all important aspects of organic tea production, consumption, market, trade, supply deficits, prices and premiums, standards, certification and accreditation � aimed at a range of readers, from planters cultivating tea organically or considering converting, to advisors, researchers and students who require not only detailed information but also access to source material.Buy This Book