Organic tea growing in Darjeeling hills: A case study

by Dr. N. G. Hajra | PLACROSYM XV, 10-13 Dec., Mysore, 437-447


In the 1980s, organic products gained widespread interest, becoming one of the most convincing answers to the increasing demand for quality food from a society more conscious as regards environment and quality. The production of organic and biodynamic teas is gaining ground with indian tea planters. The present paper focused at (1) management practices followed on the Makaibari tea estate the oldest and one of the most respected organic tea estate s in Darjeeling, India (2) to compare the production trends of organic tea estates after conversion from conventional practices and, (3) to discuss market development of organic food and marketing of organic teas. Some national and international experiences as well as findings on organic farming, where appropriate, have been incorporated.