What is Organic Tea

Organic Tea The aim of organic tea producers is to grow a crop of high nutritional quality in sufficient quantity, encourage and enhance biological cycles within the farming system; involving micro-organisms, soil flora and fauna, plants and animals; maintain and increase the long term fertility of soils; use of on-farm resources in locally organized agricultural systems; avoid of all forms of pollution that may result from agricultural techniques; allow producer an adequate return, safe working environment and the long term wellbeing of the planet. Cultivation under organic system is rigidly controlled by the certification bodies which acts as a trust building system between producers and customers, helps in authentication of product, enables transparency and strengthens the position of the primary producer and helps in market promotion of product. The certification includes inspection at all stages of production and marketing. Organic tea is a value added product. Demand for this tea is growing rapidly since it was introduced in the world market in the late 1980s. Reflecting this strong demand, organically grown tea command a premium of 30-40% over conventionally produced tea.