Dr. N.Ghosh Hajra

Dr. N.Ghosh Hajra

Dr. Ghosh Hajra is involved in the OTAC activities. He has been working with organic tea and other crops for almost twenty years.

His major professional skills and expertise are:

  1. Sustainable Agriculture/Farming Systems/Natural Resource Management
  2. Crop Production and Processing - Organic and Non-Organic.
  3. Organic and Small Scale Agronomy. Low Input Cost Agriculture. Use of Biopesticides
  4. Marketing of Organic, Fair Trade and Premium Agricultural Products
  5. Research & Development - Crops and Agro-Industrial Processing
  6. Organic Conversion & Certification Advice and Pre-Certification Systems and Traceability Audits
  7. Education & Training - Large and Small - Scale Farming - Practical Aspects of Organic Production
  8. Project Design, Preparation of Studies, Reports and Manuals
  9. General Business Management Consultancy. Accounting systems, Budgets
  10. Quality Control Systems and Operations Manuals Including HACCP
Dr. Ghosh Hajra authored four books. His recent book is Organic Tea: Cultivation and Marketing. He has to his credit around one hundred scientific papers, monographs in professional journals of international repute. His work and publications attracted awards and gold medal.

Dr. Ghosh Hajra has been invited speaker at several international conferences including some of those held at Bordeau, France; Beijing, China, Brussels, Belgium and Japan.

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Organic Tea: Cultivation and Marketing

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